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TitleJenny Tiramani Research Papers
DescriptionThis collection contains research conducted by Jenny Tiramani during her time as Director of Theatre Design/Master of Wardrobe and Properties at Shakespeare’s Globe, 1997-2005. As The Globe was intended to be a place of exploration into early modern theatrical practices, Tiramani endeavoured to construct clothing for the productions using primary evidence. She preferred the term ‘clothing’ over ‘costumes’, as the evidence concerning costuming of plays in the early modern period suggest contemporary clothing was worn by actors on stage. Her research therefore centred on late sixteenth and early seventeenth century clothing and their construction. She and her team then applied original construction methods to design and create clothing for many Shakespeare productions.
(Reference: Carson, Christie, and Farah Karim-Cooper. 2008. Shakespeare's Globe: a theatrical experiment. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. p. 57-59.)

The Collection comprise:
TIR/A Series on research of surviving examples of early modern clothing, containing photographs and research notes documenting Jenny Tiramani’s research process. She travelled across Europe, sometimes with members of her team, to various collections to view extant clothing from the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

TIR/B Series on production research, containing images and articles used for reference in the designs of Merchant of Venice 1998, Antony & Cleopatra and Julius Caesar 1999, Hamlet 2000, Twelfth Night 2002, Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing and Measure for Measure 2004. Wardobe Notes and Jottings for each production can be found in the Archive.

TIR/C Series on literature research on early modern clothing containing published articles used as reference for construction methods. Includes file containing articles specific to Janet Arnold’s research.

TIR/D Series on general literature and visual research on early modern culture.

The collection originally contained copies of the following books, which are available in the library.

Alcega, Juan de, Jean Pain, Cecilia Bainton, and J. L. Nevinson. 1999. Tailor's pattern book, 1589: facsimile. New York: Costume & Fashion Press, an imprint of Quite Specific Media Group Ltd.
Burnham, Dorothy K. 1997. Cut my cote. Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum.
Corson, Richard. 2016. Fashions in hair. London: Peter Owen.
Davanzo Poli, Doretta, and Grazietta Butazzi. 1997. I mestieri della moda a Venezia = The arts and crafts of fashion in Venice from the 13th to the 18th century. [Venice]: Consorzio Maestri Calzaturien den Brenta.
Honigmann, E. A. J., and Susan Brock. 2015. Playhouse wills 1558-1642: an edition of wills by Shakespeare and his contemporaries in the London theatre.
Arnold, Janet. 1970. Perukes & Periwigs. National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain),
Waterer, John William. 1971. Spanish leather: a history of its use from 800 to 1800 for mural hangings, screens, upholstery, altar frontals, ecclesiastical vestments, footwear, gloves pouches and caskets. London: Faber and Faber Ltd.

The collection originally included a set of photocopies of articles about costuming at Shakespeare's Globe, which were used for teaching purposes. Articles included: 'Tailor to the Prince of Denmark' in 'Around the Globe Issue 14 Summer 2000', 'Dressing the Egyptian Queen: Susannah Howard rifles through Cleopatra's wardrobe' in 'Around the Globe Issue 11 Autumn 1999', 'Borrowed robes' in 'Around the Globe Issue 4 Summer 1997', 'Janet Arnold and the Globe Wardrobe: Handmade Clothes for Shakespeare's Actors' in 'Costume Vol 34 2000’, 'Changing dispositions' in 'Around the Globe Issue 5 Autumn 1997', and 'Clothing, Properties and Hangings' in Measure for Measure programme 2004.
Around the Globe articles and programmes can be found in the Archive and the article on Janet Arnold has been moved to TIR/C/4.
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